I have always taken the approach in tax return preparation that it is your money and you want to keep as much as possible. My goal is to keep your taxes as low as possible while complying with IRS regulations and completing your return on a timely basis. I offer tax preparations service for:

Individual Form 1040

1040 2




Corporations Form 1120
S Corporations Form 1120S
Partnerships Form 1065
LLC Form 1065

Trust Form 1041
Not for Profit Form 990

Estates and Gifts
Gift Form 709
Estate Form 706

Tax Planning-non recurring items
1031 tax-deferred exchanges
Retirement accounts-individual and small businesses
– SEP – Simplifies Employer Plans
– IRA-Individual Retirement Accounts

Defined Benefit and Profit Sharing Plans

Teamwork to achieve objectives
The most important tool for income tax preparation is proper planning. I strongly suggest that my clients consult with me prior to the end of the reporting period. There is often action you can take that will help reduce the income taxes you pay. If you fail to discuss your situation with me prior to the deadline, you are only cheating yourself.