Consulting Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Many small business owners are not large enough to hire a full time accounting professional. However, they need assistance from an accounting professional with the same skills big businesses must employ. Your bookkeeper may be doing an excellent job handling the recording to transactions but you may need help with:

  • Cash flow projections
  • Business trend analysis
  • Analysis of account balances and aging
  • Analysis of key financial ratios
  • Financial Projections
  • Loan analysis and negotiation
  • Internal accounting and management controls to protect assets

I have many clients I meet with monthly or quarterly to read their internally prepared financial statements with the experienced eye. I ask questions of the owner/manager looking at items that appear to not be consistent with past records, current trends, or what would be expected. I provide them with the financial insight and leadership needed from an accounting professional.

The benefit to you is financial services that are less expensive than a full time controller or chief financial officer. Many clients appreciate the fresh perspective an outside consultant can offer to reading the financial statements discussing accounting procedures and records.

I would be glad to provide you with references.