Certified Public Accountant


When you search for a CPA you usually turn to friends or associates.  However, the key is to find a CPA you are comfortable sharing your personal matters, who instills confidence, and is always available.  Realistically almost all accounting professionals offer the same service.  Prospective clients tell me they are looking for quality, timely service, available when they email or call, and have reasonable fees.  If you are looking to change your accountant it is probably because your present CPA is lacking one or more of these attributes.

You CPA should be your advocate.  My experience over the past few decades is about 10% of individuals will do anything to avoid paying any income tax.  At the other end of the spectrum is the 10% who will do anything to avoid any interaction with the taxing authorities even if it means paying more in income taxes.  As your accounting and tax advisor it is my policy to advise you of all possible tax saving options and other issues.  You can then choose the options or issues that fit your comfort level.

As you navigate this web site you will find the services I offer and other pertinent information.  I offer your initial one hour consultation free.